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We create and foster
disruptive and scalable AI technologies to accelerate innovation
Cutting-edge AI research: State-of-the-Art(SotA)
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“ARIA”, how are you today?
NUGU is a voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistant that was born on September 1, 2016.
From the time you wake up until you fall asleep, NUGU is always a part of your daily life.
NUGU consistently strives to create new voice-enabled interactions and evolve to become more human-like.
The ultimate goal is to be your life-companion and best friend.
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AI Center focuses on applying AI in new and innovative ways
Meet our top-notch and diverse group of engineers


James Research Scientist
My research aims at the understanding of vision and language to help everyone's everyday communications. I have been focusing on the learning of joint representation for vision and language, visual reasoning and conversations, including substantial works on visual question answering over past years. Especially, with the continuous support of T-Brain, I am seeking an effective method to help the visually-impaired through the developed vision and language AI system to make a vivid world to everyone.
Paul Research Scientist
I develop a system which can make AI automatically according to the given data or environment. Specifically, my research focuses on techniques to automate each element of machine learning, including optimization of neural network structure and usage of training data. Through this, I hope many people to use AI more easily and want to contribute their convenient and happy life.
Ryanne Research Scientist
At T-Brain, my research aims at analyzing dialog systems that humans can conveniently as well as accurately communicate through the natural language. Recently, I have been focusing on natural language understanding and generation, scalable to multi-domain goal-oriented dialog systems. Through AI research, I am hoping for making people’s lives more comfortable and pleasant.
Max Head of AI Center

He has been involved in the academic and commercial research and development of AI technologies for 20 years. Prior to SK Telecom, he served as the head of speech engineering at Apple and led Silicon Valley startups. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

AI Center is at the center of data and intelligence from the world leader of 5G networks, SK Telecom. With top-notch and diverse set of engineers, we create and foster disruptive and scalable AI technologies to accelerate innovation. We know that this vision calls for global partnerships, as it’s impossible to build everything on our own. Partnerships also allow for integration of our AI with other AIs, leading to disruptive business opportunities.
Stark Lead of T-Brain
T-Brain, as a pioneer in the field of AI research, performs a pivotal role within AIC. We self-define the issues around AI and to solve these, research scientists and engineers across different expertise, from deep learning algorithm and techniques to signal processing, software and infrastructure, joined the journey to work together. Especially, through the Meta AI technology, we contemplate the idea of automatic creation of AI - AI makes AI - and lead a project on Communication AI for user-interaction. Along with this, T-Brain is committed to disseminating our technology in Visual AI and Music AI and creating a friendly platform to approach diverse potential users. Building upon our previous achievement, T-Brain will further introduce new AI technologies, solidify partnership with our stakeholders and continuously endeavor to create Social Value through AI in the future.
John Lead of Data Machine Intelligence

Before joining to SK Telecom, he had multimedia AI understanding research background and worked as a lead data scientist at Myspace Inc. to build large-scaled recommendation systems and served as VP of data science and engineering at Tapjoy, one of the largest mobile advertising platform company in Silicon Valley.

Under the mission of AI transformation - making AI work in the real world – we are building AI products to innovate enterprise, customer experience at SK Telecom services such as MNO marketing, contact center AI, music, T-map etc. To achieve this goal, Data Machine Intelligence Group has AI product science, engineering and dev-ops teams. Data scientists, data engineers, machine learning / platform engineers work together to deliver AI values to business and our customers.
Eric Lead of Linguistic Project
Linguistic work focuses on all aspects of natural language processing, including speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialogue, and natural language generation. The end goal is to apply said technologies into products that surprise and delight our customers. To that end, we’re working on mediating communication with AI, AI assistants, and other exciting projects.
Sud Lead of Multimodal Interaction Project
Being the leader of the multimodal team with more than 13 years global experience working and leading research teams, my focus is on applied research of AI technologies. Tech Prototyping Group’s multimodal team dreams to bring AI from research to the real use case. The multimodal team consists of talented people with diverse technical background that includes machine learning, computer vision, full stack developers, embedded experts and robotics experts to name a few. Having such a diverse team, our vision is to showcase the use of AI in different aspects of daily life by making, adopting, collaborating and/or inventing technologies. We are currently doing exciting work to improve the AI assistant by including different modalities including vision and speech.
Platform Engineer
I make it possible by challenging things that seem impossible: development of container-based ML platform and integrated management console, architecture design and development of big data platform separating storage and computing, and CI / CD automation.
Data Scientist
Instead of creating and validating models using only toy data in the lab, I’m thrilled to generate revenue from analyzing real data and developing modeling / systems that reflect customers’ feedback : recommendation algorithm, A/B test and scoring for additional services and customer.
Zuma Software Engineer
I’m an ambitious developer from Kazakhstan with strong algorithmic background and awards from international programming competitions such as IZhO, ACM ICPC etc. After graduation in Sci. & Tech, I spent a few years working in a few famous startups and even tried to build my own tech company in the Silicon Valley. I’d love to become professional in the fields of backend development, databases, server management: ML models and API deployment building monitoring/controlling systems
As a Korean linguist, I'm in charge of creating linguistic data and planning natural language processing modules with collaborating other super talented engineers! Also, I'm researching on the kinds of data that make AI better understand Korean : Korean data collection/preprocessing, Korean research for NLP
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