• Innovation through disruptive and scalable technology .
  • Cutting-edge AI research .
  • Accelerating innovations in research and service .
  • We strive for (and achieve) excellence! .
  • “SotA” (State-of-the-Art) .
  • Visual demo of research and service innovation
  • Human. Machine. Experience Together .
We strive for
(and achieve) excellence!
Every day in AIC transforms you to become an EXPERT
Top-notch talents from
various backgrounds
work here, AIC
Out of
Comfort Zone
We believe in risk-taking to grow up : expand our knowledge to a new domain, strengthen our knowledge in current domain, change our practice
We are waiting for YOU
who have
Knowledge, skill, critical thinking ability and productivity.
Performance through innovative and back-tracking mind
Broad view of gray areas
Care for self, work, colleagues and the society
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We hire Expert and
Potential Expert(Junior)
in 5 steps
Step 01
Step 02
Coding Test
Step 03
Step 04
Step 05
Employment Vetting
More than 3 years of experience
Step 01
Step 02
Coding Test
Step 03
SK Competency Test,
Manager Interview
Step 04
Step 05
Employment Vetting
Hiring process may differ by job position
We care various ways to meet you

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Be the
AIC members
Expert: more than 3 years of experience or Ph. D
Junior: BS/MS or less than 3 years of experience
Grow up with real
data from real world
For doctoral candidate or Ph.D.
6 ~ 12 months contract(contract extension or full-time employment is also possible)
Grow up
with top experts
For students in doctoral course of science and engineering
2 ~ 12 months based on project
Meet the real world
with special benefits
For students in overseas graduate school or university
Duration - 2 ~ 12 months depending upon project
Special benefits: residence support, round-trip airplane ticket
We design space and culture
for happy


Established in 2018 (T Brain: 2017~)
Executives from Silicon Valley
Researchers, engineers, UX designers, etc.
Cutting-edge GPU clusters & toys for geeks
Availability of enormous amount of data from SK Telecom, world-wide leading telecom company
First-hand experience working with actual AI products or services of SK Telecom
Way of Work
Innovative and back-tracking mind
Cross-functional and collaborative
Agile methodology
Quick prototyping
All-hands and hands-up: tea-time with demo or tech talk
You can experience the best welfare
benefits of SK Telecom
Talents Development
Work & Life Balance
Talents Development
Employee’s expertise is the core of performance
SK Telecom offers various ways to grow-up
for market top leader
Internal continuous education and Individual Development Plan to develop domain expertise and/or leadership
Career Development Challenge to develop career
Work & Life Balance
Design Your Work & Time
Self-managed flexible working hours (80 hours in 2 weeks)
Financial Aid
Funding for residential and life
Medical Care
Free health checkup per year
In-house Facility
Gym, Library, Club activities
Paid time off
Question about
Jobs at AIC
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