• Innovation through disruptive and scalable technology .
  • Cutting-edge AI research .
  • Accelerating innovations in research and service .
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Innovation through
disruptive and scalable
AI technology
We practice “Deep Care” in all aspects of our professional lives. Deep Care begins within ourselves and stems from the quality of our work. Deep Care extends to our colleagues, customers, and even society itself. At its core, Deep Care is the professionalism we love and innovation we pursue.

“Deep Care” ensures that AI-powered innovations have a real-world impact in our lives, the lives of our colleagues, and society as well.


AI Center leads and accelerates AI-powered innovations. “Deep Care” ensures that AI-powered innovations have a real-world impact in our lives, the lives of our colleagues, and society as well. With its top-notch and diverse set of engineers, AIC is making this vision a reality every day. AI Center is at the center of data and intelligence from the world leader of 5G networks, SK Telecom. We create and foster disruptive and scalable AI technologies to accelerate innovation. We know that this vision calls for many global partnerships, as it’s impossible to build everything on our own. Partnerships also allow integration of our AI with other AIs, leading to disruptive business opportunities.
MaxHead of AI Center
AIC strives for global excellence
Applied Research & Commercial Development T-Brain
Cutting-edge AI research :  from curiosity-driven research  to goal-oriented research
Who are T-Brainers?
We are Deep Learning Experts
1.DL algorithms and techniques
2.AI applications : computer vision, natural language, signal processing(speech, image, music)
3.DL software and infra
What do we collectively know well?
1.Learning : { , Semi-, un} supervised learning, {auto, continual, meta, transfer, reinforcement} learning
2.Applications : language understanding (BERT), dialog policy, (visual) question answering, image generation, video action recognition, music source separation, etc.
Applied Research & Commercial Development Tech Prototyping
Cutting-edge research meets  real-world applications 
What is Tech Prototyping Group(TPG)?
1.Quick prototyping to take AI technologies from the lab to the end user
2.Linguistic : dedicated to understanding languages and mediating conversations via smart applications of technology
3.Multimodal Interaction : making interaction with AI technologies more impactful by using multimodal modalities like speech, vision, touch etc.
4.Intelligent User Interface: minimizing cognitive dissonance and improving naturalness in AI interfaces
Our strengths
Self-sufficient group from requirement gathering to delivery
Machine learning, NLP, computer vision, system engineering, embedded systems, user experience, robotics
Applied Research & Commercial Development Data Machine
From Data to AI,  make them work in real world
Who are DMIG?
Data scientists: extract knowledge from data using statistical techniques, machine learning and deep learning algorithms
Data engineers: collect, manage and process big data for AI cycle. Build and operate containerized AI infrastructure
AI software engineers: develop an A/B testing platform and APIs to provide AI models to the world
Our responsibility: AI Transformation Iterative process to achieve company-wide AI based decision making
Automated data pipelines for AI models
Machine learning as a service
AI service platforms for everyone
Service Innovation NUGU
AI assists our daily activities
From voice/video recognition to multimodal interaction,
NUGU is learning about you and evolving to become a better friend
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