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Dedicated to understanding languages and mediating conversations via smart applications of technology.

The Linguistic team is comprised of engineers of varying backgrounds working on a range of Language projects. Language is inherently ambiguous by nature, making processing and understanding language a daunting task for a software program. The goal of the team is to build software that analyzes, understands, and generates natural language, so that eventually people can address computers as if they were addressing another person. We build scalable prototypes and solutions for Linguistic and Multi-modal technologies and products. To do so, we leverage efficient algorithms, neural networks, and probabilistic models. This team investigates cutting-edge research methods that enable our engineers to scale Language technologies across a variety of natural languages. Linguistic engineers are well-versed in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. We combine research and applied science to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems. Our work advances and shapes the future vision of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural AI assistant and AI applications used by millions across the world. Recent interests of the Linguistic team include AI mediated communication, conversation, multilingual modeling, summarization, and transliteration.

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